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Friends Lovers and Family is not your average band. Rather, it is a diverse, multi-disciplined music and artistic collective – groove-masters and ambi-funksters who deliver an alternative take on today’s chill-out and dance culture.

Each individual within this colourful ensemble is talented and unique in their own right, and a remarkable alchemy occurs when this collective comes together – whether in the studio or on stage – delivering a powerful and creative force which touches the soul. Positive and energetic and yet grounded in nurturing the best of each other’s talents, FLF collaborate to harness and bring out the best in themselves. Their music and performances stay with you; warm melodies and catchy beats linger with you long after you’ve heard FLF.

First created by Larry Lush (producer for Tall Paul, Sharp Boys, Lottie) and Wilf Frost, FLF released their first album ‘Still Life’ together with Nicky Howes back in 1996 (Lush Recordings).

In 2000, the band reformed fellow musical collaborator
Natty Natstar* (Seedpod) and before long, they attracted a number of other talented folk from different backgrounds: musicians, vocalists and poets to share in this creative and musical platform.


FLF's Live performers and Collaborators have included:

~ Larry Lush (Producer, Keys, Vocals, Engineer) LIVE
~ Wilfisms (Producer, FX/Samples) LIVE
~ Natty Natstar (Vocals, Project Manager/Co-producer, Percussion) LIVE
~ Lesley McGirr (Vocals, Guitar, Sax ) LIVE

~ Miss C MC (Vocals) LIVE

~ Tony Macaroni (Vocals, Bass) LIVE aka GREENMAN
~ Stella Fairbairn (Vocals)

~ Nick Holden (Vocals)

~ Toby Clark (Guitar) LIVE
~ Baby T (Vocals, DJ) LIVE
~ Phillipa Joy (Vocals, Guitar) LIVE (in Australia)

~ Chilli Gold (Vocals)

~ Bill Worley (Bass)
~ Richard Jennings-Bramley (Violin)
~ Graham Roos (Poet)
~ Olivia Mikail (Vocals)
~ Dave White (Guitar)
~ EasyUK (Co-production)

~ Pollyphonic (Vocals) It's Alive Party

~ Dan Bizaro (Co-production) It's Alive Party

~ Rosy Sweet Beat Percussion) LIVE

~ Matt Branton (Bass)

Special thanks go to other members of the FLF collective who include:
~ Greg Holloway (for his photographers eye, positive vision and allround support in the project)
~ Simon Wilcox (for his front of house engineering and technical support)
~ Caroline Teunessen (for her enthusiasm in the project and spreading the word)


~ Chris Goddard (for his patience and technical support)


~ Amazonia (for her DJ ears and spreading the word)

~ Jen Isaac (for her support in Oz)

For further info email or bookings info@FLFmusic.com

or call Larry Lush on +44 (0) 7795 423 548


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